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Clear the fog on your creative writing with this results-driven, 1-day course. Covering the basics with bonus prompts and guides, we’ll transition your story from idea to paper in just one day together.

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Praise for A Writer's Lighthouse

"Xeni has been amazing through this process. Six months ago, this novel was just an idea in my head - I could see it clearly, but couldn’t get the words on paper - and now, I’m working on a series, with Book 1 complete!

Her methodology is simple yet effective, and her creativity and enthusiasm have boosted my confidence and mojo."

- Louca

"Xeni has been a great help and inspiration to get a short story I have been working on for ages to a state where I am now happy with it. Her fresh pair of eyes and ideas have spurred me on to look at alternative ways of crafting and shaping my ideas. Her workshops are also really well put together and involve a lot of interactivity and imagery to help get the creative juices flowing!"

- Mark Thirkell
Writing Short Stories

”[These workshops] have definitely kept me sane throughout lockdown and have been fantastic. We’ve all laughed and cried together and I feel I’ve found good friends. […] I’ve learnt lots of little hacks for getting me into writing quickly and now have lots of starting points for stories I can revisit.”

- Hannah Cajee
Online Workshops

“Really enjoying these sessions through lockdown! Fabulous resources and lovely host.”

- Gemma Stringer
Online Workshops

"Very enjoyable and informative online workshops."

- Emily Blackburn
'Navigating the Thriller' Workshop

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I’m Xeni, your writing coach, workshop and retreat host, and the creator of A Writer’s Lighthouse.

I have over a decade’s experience as a marketer in creative, storytelling companies like Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Pan Macmillan, and Nosy Crow. I set up A Writer’s Lighthouse to create a space for writers to enhance their craft.

You may have come across my site looking for help with a story you’re working on, or because you’re interested in joining a writing community through workshops and retreats. Whatever the reason you have found me today, I say welcome!

Welcome to the beginning of your creative journey; I hope you find something here that will guide you on your path!

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