3 Questions to Help you Achieve More as a Writer

Do you struggle with setting goals for yourself as a writer?


Well, struggle no more, friend – I think the below will help you 🙂

This valuable exercise is one that I ask students who are looking to apply structure to their writing habits to complete. We address the following questions at the start as a way to bring out what they feel is important to their writing, what they feel is achievable and, most importantly, to lay the groundwork for them to practise discipline by marking down milestones.

Below are the three simple questions I ask. Write them down on a post-it or in your phone notes before adding them to your (physical or digital) calendar at the start of the month. Each month will see some progression from the previous month as you work towards (and surpass) your goals*.

1. Set your goal⁠
⁠What would you like to achieve with your writing in a month? ⁠
✨ To hit 10,000 words?⁠
✨ To unravel a plot twist?⁠
✨ To, finally, start writing?⁠
✨ To not find your toddler’s muddy fingerprints on your printed manuscript??⁠

2. What would it mean to you to meet that objective in that month?

3.  Where could your writing take you?
✨ To a finished manuscript, ready for proofing;
✨ To a literary agent;
✨ To self-publishing success.

*We all know and appreciate that life happens, every day, there will be something that comes up and can detract from meeting your word count, working through your proofreading, or hitting your self-publication date. This is normal. The key to staying on track is to keep going each day. If you can only fit in five minutes a day – that’s fine, base your timeline around that capacity and just. keep. writing.

Let me know if you try this out for yourself and what goals you have set for yourself as a writer.

Until next time! Keep writing, with your #eyestothehorizon

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need some bespoke help with your writing goals?

Sometimes we all need help to get there, and that’s ok. I’ve listed a few links below, should you want to talk about your story in a safe space:

– We can work on specific areas you need to get your story moving with 1:1 support. Have a look at the options in Calendly, here.

– Book your place on the Getting Started with Short Stories” online course.

– Listen to The Reading Room Podcast. You can also take part in the writing exercises to enhance your writing skills.

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