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3 Tips to Deal With Overwhelm as a Writer

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed or uncertain about your writing? Maybe you’ve set a deadline for yourself but are falling behind or your protagonist’s motivations have become convoluted.⁠

I’d wager it’s because you’re thinking about it too much or looking too far ahead. ⁠

These feelings are normal and are felt because you care so much about your project. The important thing is to pause and take stock before you revisit the words on the page. ⁠

Here are 3 top tips to help you deal with overwhelm as a writer. ⁠

1️⃣ Focussing on one idea at a time, letting the words flow. ⁠

2️⃣ Sticking to short and consistent sprints each week.⁠

3️⃣ Pause and reflect at each burst before continuing to the next.⁠

Before you know it, the words in your head will be there on the page, ready for a full review.

I hope you found this advice useful. If you have a trusted method that helps you power through a foggy phase, please share it below to broaden our writing horizons. If you feel like you could use an extra pair of eyes on your writing let’s chat.

Need some help with your writing?

Sometimes we all need help to get there, and that’s ok. I’ve listed a few links below for your reference, should you like that extra push!

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