3 Ways to Deal with Writer’s Block

Writer’s block affects us all at some point. Sometimes, even when the ideas are having a party in your head, the writing just doesn’t flow the way you want it to. This lack of flow is known as writer’s block in its simplest form and is OK. The thoughts won’t disappear if you step away from them; your mind just needs a breather. ⁠

Pages of open books stacked
Writer’s block can feel overwhelming when you’re working on your story. But don’t worry; there are ways to tackle them so you can get back to your writing!

On such days, get outside of your writing space: ⁠

Go for a brisk walk with some music that reflects the scene you’re working on. For example, I like to listen to the cello when stuck on a dramatic plot twist.⁠


Get yourself to a library or bookshop and peruse the aisles of fiction for some visual inspiration. Then, feed your mind by reading a few pages from a book that speaks to you. ⁠


Sound out your ideas with a trusted fellow writer and vent*. ⁠

*I’m only a short click away! So book your free 15 mins free zoom to brainstorm bespoke tips and tricks to help get you through this spell of writer’s block!⁠

(Bonus) OR

Give my short and simple Story Mapping Masterclass a try to catalyse your creativity on your next tea or coffee break – you’ll be glad you did.

Then, get back to it with your #eyestothehorizon.


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