Become a Better Writer by Asking Questions

This seems like a given but it’s a writing pain-point that comes up often enough that I feel it’s worth mentioning.⁠ How do we become better writers?

We need to stay curious and ask questions.

We learn the basics at school – What, When, Where and Why – but we can still find ourselves at a wall when the momentum stops. So, how can we move the story forward?

One way is to think outside the box with questions further than the traditional four above. What if is another great question to ask. Consider your characters, your plot twists, and your pacing.

What if the protagonist went against the grain in your love story? Would that work to move his or her internal conflict towards a resolution? ⁠

What if you altered the gender of your detective, would they be treated differently at the crime scene, and would this align with the message you want to convey? ⁠

You may follow the narrative path the respective answers reveal to you, or they may not. The key element is to stay curious and explore the possibilities. ⁠

Happy practising, with your #eyestothehorizon.⁠

Need some bespoke help with your story?

Sometimes we all need help to get there, and that’s ok. I’ve listed a few links below, should you want to talk about your story in a safe space:

– We can work on specific areas you need to get your story moving with 1:1 support. Have a look at the options in Calendly, here.

– Book your place on the “Getting Started with Short Stories” online course, here.

– Listen to The Reading Room Podcast here. You can also take part in the writing exercises to enhance your writing skills.

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