How to Start a New Story with Flash Fiction

“So, Xeni what is Flash Fiction?”

Well, friend, read on to find out!

Flash Fiction is a writing format for short, short stories and a great way to challenge yourself as a writer. It enhances your skills to declutter your narrative, focuses your eye and put pen to the finer details, and also helps you to develop the structure for the broader plot.
Start with an idea – maybe a musing sparked on your morning walk or over the day’s first cup of coffee – and write it down.โ˜•๏ธ

Keep writing for 15 mins or until you’ve hit 150 words. Stop, review, and repeat.๐Ÿ“
Aim to complete your micro-idea within 500 words.๐Ÿ“–

If you’d like some help with starting this exercise, head to my Story Mapping Guide Masterclass to catalyse your creativity today!

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Examples ofย Flash Fiction prompts include:

  • Write about a villain your readers will love or a hero your readers will hate.
  • Write about a hero who doesn’t save the day.
  • You wake up alone, in a woodland. What happened?
  • Write about your best day ever.
  • Write about your first kiss.
  • Describe a conversation between your heart and your head.
  • Write a story based on the first post you see when you open Instagram.

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Until next time, keep writing, with your #eyestothehorizon.

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