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Improve Your Writing With Routine

“Xeni, how do I keep the writing going?”⁠

The simple answer is Discipline.⁠

So – let’s look at how to develop a writing habit. A writing habit is just that, a habit. And habits are defined through repetition. ⁠

Whether you write in the morning or evening, this is your habit. ⁠

So, when you look at your habit as a writer, identify when you are at your most creative and Lock. That. Time. In. Put it in your calendar as “Writing Time”.

You’ll naturally develop a writing habit by scheduling time to write. You’ll be allowing yourself space to create regularly.

Happy writing, with your #eyestothehorizon
Writing Programmes

Need a boost for your story?

Sometimes we all need help to get there, and that’s ok. I’ve listed a few links below for your reference, should you like that extra push!

– Watch my Story Mapping Guide Masterclass to get your creative juices flowing.
– Book your place on the Getting Started with Short Stories online writing course. 

– Follow The Reading Room Podcast for tips and insights. You can also take part in writing exercises to enhance your writing skills.

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