Online Writing Communities and Why You Need One

Are you looking for an online writing community? Look no further than The Reading Room!


Writing can be a lonely exercise. Whilst friends and family can be supportive, this can only go so far, and they may not understand the struggles of developing the perfect character or coming up with an unexpected plot twist. So it can be helpful (not to mention great for your mental health) to be part of a writing community and have someone to bounce ideas off and receive support from.

Online communities for writers can help support you, empathise with your struggles and help you to become a better writer. Community members can also offer ideas when you’re stuck or encouragement to keep writing when you feel like you want to quit.

Are you looking for a friendly online writing community to support you on those days when the writing gets tough? Why not come and join The Reading Room on Facebook? Join the conversation, and let us know what you’re writing now. Let us help you brainstorm your next idea or create that crucial scene for your characters.

Photograph of inside a bookshop for The Reading Room Community Group

Join our free online community for writers here.

Of course, you may not feel ready to join a community right now, and that’s absolutely fine! There are lots of writing resources on the A Writer’s Lighthouse blog, and you buy the  online writing course I’d put together for writers looking for ways to get started with short stories.

If you need some creative direction on your narrative adventure, you can book your place on our next Creative Writing Retreat this December here. Let’s uncover your story together. ⁠

You can also follow The Reading Room Podcast for writing tips and insights through the power of reading stories aloud. I set listeners creative writing exercises to enhance their writing skills within each episode. So have a listen and give it a try for yourself 😊

Until next time, keep writing with your #eyestothehorizon.

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