Use a Creative Prompt to Help You Improve Descriptive Writing

Practice your descriptive writing with this atmospheric writing prompt!

Weeping Willow Tree in a Park during Winter
Using this photo as a creative stimulus while working through the set exercise will help you to focus on the descriptive element of your writing.

You are walking through a meadow from your house / a hotel in the country. It is Winter, and it is early morning; fog is heavy in the air. ⁠

There is someone or something on the other side of the mist. Decide whether or not you know who or what is on the other side. ⁠

Write your experience from point A to point B, paying attention to the setting. ⁠

Set 10 minutes on your timer, and write.

If you feel like you want to go for longer, set your timer again. See where the story takes you!


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Let’s begin your narrative journey, today!

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Happy writing, with your #eyestothehorizon

Photo by Ing on Unsplash

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