What is a Writing Coach?

Such a simple question, but very often asked: What is a writing coach and what do they do? 🤔⁠

Simply put, a writing coach (sometimes referred to as a book coach) can help storytellers craft and refine their ideas into a complete story. ⁠

I prefer the title Writing Coach because sometimes my students aren’t focussed on publishing straightaway, they want to get into the practise of writing well and build their confidence before setting themselves a goal to write and be published. ⁠

As a writing coach, I can help you to identify with structural development for your narrative, writing style, and character creation to name a few areas. I can also guide you through accountability for your writing discipline. I can come in at any stage of your story, wherever you’re experiencing the most fog. ⁠

So, if you have an idea but don’t know how to start? Let’s brainstorm those first steps.⁠

Stuck on a crucial scene for your characters? Let’s look at that together. ⁠

Struggling to make the time to write? Don’t fret, I have a flexible workshop schedule to support your time management. ⁠

My online writing coach services can be tailored to you.

If you need some creative direction on your narrative adventure, you can book a free, no quibble 15-minute Discovery Call with me as a starter for ten. Let’s uncover your story together. ⁠

Prefer to work alone with your writing?

Sometimes we just want to be left alone to crack on with our story, and that’s ok. I’ve listed a few links below to my online course and Podcast, should you need a hand.

– Book your place on the “Getting Started with Short Stories” online course, here.

– Follow The Reading Room Podcast for tips and insights here. You can also take part in the writing exercises to enhance your writing skills.

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