Clear the fog on
your story idea with this
story mapping guide masterclass!

By the end of the session, you will have an idea to write about and the first few paragraphs of your story. With your building blocks in place, it’s the perfect time to buy the Getting Started With Short Stories online course that will help you to complete your first draft.

You are now faced with a fork in the road, dear writer, and whichever path you take, I’ll be here to keep you on track. To the left of your screen is the path for you to book onto my Getting Started with Short Stories online writing programme. This course has been designed to guide you through plot, structure, style, character development and dialogue to complete the rest of your story.

To the right of your screen is the path that will provide you with a further look at your options to develop your story with me on an hourly 1:1 basis as a coached student and client.

Praise for A Writer's Lighthouse

"Xeni has been amazing through this process. Six months ago, this novel was just an idea in my head - I could see it clearly, but couldn’t get the words on paper - and now, I’m working on a series, with Book 1 complete!

Her methodology is simple yet effective, and her creativity and enthusiasm have boosted my confidence and mojo."

- Louca

"Xeni has been a great help and inspiration to get a short story I have been working on for ages to a state where I am now happy with it. Her fresh pair of eyes and ideas have spurred me on to look at alternative ways of crafting and shaping my ideas. Her workshops are also really well put together and involve a lot of interactivity and imagery to help get the creative juices flowing!"

- Mark Thirkell
Writing Short Stories

”[These workshops] have definitely kept me sane throughout lockdown and have been fantastic. We’ve all laughed and cried together and I feel I’ve found good friends. […] I’ve learnt lots of little hacks for getting me into writing quickly and now have lots of starting points for stories I can revisit.”

- Hannah Cajee
Online Workshops

“Really enjoying these sessions through lockdown! Fabulous resources and lovely host.”

- Gemma Stringer
Online Workshops

"Very enjoyable and informative online workshops."

- Emily Blackburn
'Navigating the Thriller' Workshop

The “Getting Started with Short Stories” course is a beacon for writers who need creative direction and motivation.

You might be starting out fresh or stuck on a story idea. Together, we’ll develop your idea into a short story.

You can either complete the course in one day, like a DIY writing retreat, or you can pace yourself with one module a day. However you choose to proceed, you’ll clear the fog on your creative writing with this results-driven course.

Course Price: £57

Includes a 15-Minute Free Consultation with Me (worth £62.50)

I know you are going to love this programme and I am thrilled you’re on this journey. It’s always helpful to read the small print for Digital Products, so click here to review the Terms & Conditions.

Hi there, my name is Xeni. I’m a writing coach, workshop host, film and publishing marketer, and storyteller.


After more than ten years  working for creative powerhouses like Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, and Pan Macmillan, I’ve now harnessed my storytelling and editing experience to build a community of writers who want to work on their craft without feeling overwhelmed. 


I work with writers in progress to push through that pain point where they have an idea and are making progress but then pause, letting fear or doubt creep in and the writing to stall.


Through A Writer’s Lighthouse LTD, I aim to clear the fog on the narrative journey and steer writers on the path to completion. 


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I can’t wait to see you there!

Join The Reading Room Community page on Facebook where you can share your goals and ambitions with fellow writers in a safe and supported environment as you progress and finesse your manuscript. 


The lessons are pre-recorded and hosted in Thinkific.

You’ll have lifetime access to the recordings, workbooks and templates.

Yes, while this is an online course where you learn through online lessons, you’ll have the chance to ask questions within the platform. You can also book a complimentary 15-minute Zoom call with me. 

Not at all, this is an on-demand course for you to complete in your own time.

Yes, there are exercises throughout the modules that will progress your short story.

This course has been built for writers who find themselves stuck and need a structured, motivational push to get their ideas moving.

I offer a money-back guarantee. All you’ll need to do is provide feedback as to why it hasn’t worked for you.

You have lifetime access so you can revisit it for each new story idea as and when required.